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Steve Dawson

Steve enjoys time with his Belgium Malanois, swimming, soccer, frisbee, fetch, all activies he enjoys. He writes often, and is recently interested in laymen understanding of how quantum mechanics and field theory overlap with interconnectedness of us all. Weird stuff, he admits, but fascinating. Covid brought a love of cooking and wine enjoyment. In terms of Pickleball and sports he has won the world senior tennis championships at the ITF level and been a life long tennis player and coach. He was fascinated by being destroyed in pickleball, so gave up tennis to pursue this new, quirky sport. His highlights include being a national finalist in the usapa national men’s open professional championship at the age of 54, 3 time US open champion, and 3 time (and running) national champion. He is the owner and operator of Bobby Riggs Racket and Paddle Club in Encinitas, CA, which was recently voted (Yelp) as the top place to play pickleball in the United States. He is married to Jennifer Dawson (an elite pickleball player herself) for the last 32 years and very much hope to defeat her NPL team.