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Stacy Potter

Stacy Potter is from Ojai, Ca., and started playing pickleball in 2021. As a Freshman at University of Southern California, she won the individual singles NCAA tennis championship, and helped lead her team win the NCAA championship in her Sophomore year. Between 1977-87, Stacy played on the WTA, achieving a career high ranking of 18 with victories over top 10 players and competing in 25 Grand Slam events, including Mixed doubles at Wimbledon and The US Open (round of 16) with John McEnroe. After the tour, she was the coach for the Women’s Tennis Team at Pomona College. Upon finishing her education at UCLA, Stacy then received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. For 12 years, she worked as an Eating Disorder Specialist while continuing her training and is now a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, working with clients to achieve their health goals through her business program called Balanced Eating + Lifestyle Coaching. Nutrition, wellness, weight loss, stress management, eating disorders, body image, sports psychology, relationships and motivation are all area’s of her expertise. She and her husband also operate ”Trails by Potter,” a hiking, climbing, biking, and tennis tour guide throughout Ojai and Ventura, CA. Stacy started playing pickleball in 2021, and most recently won the Bronze medal in doubles at her first Super Senior Pro event in Mesa, AZ. When not playing pickleball, her hobbies include travel, dancing, yoga, and writing. She was also inducted into the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, the Beverly Hills High School Hall of Fame, and the Women’s Intercollegiate Hall of Fame. Stacy is endorsed by Selkirk and uses the 002 paddle for feel and power.