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Scott Crandall

Scott first learned about pickleball one night after playing tennis. His tennis group that night included: Jessie Irvine, Gabriel Joseph and Julio Rivera. The new guy in the group told Jessie that she could make money if she played pickleball. Jessie researched the prize money, the very next day they bought paddles at Big 5 and started training. It took Jessie about 6 weeks to turn pro and it took Scott 6 months to become a 5.0 player. Scott has been playing on the various pickleball tours for the last 4 years. He currently coaches 2 women who play on tour and is the head coach of the MLP team, Bay Area Breakers. He is endorsed by Engage, and uses over grips supplied by Zone4pickleball.

Prior to pickleball, Scott worked at a large biotech company for about 15 years and is very happy to not be doing that anymore. To quote, “Sometimes you don’t know you’re in prison until you let yourself out”.

He lives in Los Angeles with his 2 cats.