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Joe Paraiso

Joe comes from a long history of racquetball in the 80’s when his parents, brother, 3 sisters and himself all played 5-6 days a week. He has multiple national titles and played on the Men’s Pro Tour for 20+ years while raising a family. He started playing pickleball in 2017 and now represents Gearbox Pickleball. He played and coached soccer his whole life and has recently started competing again. He co-owns a coffee shop in La Mesa, CA called, Brew Coffee Spot ( This was a product of empty-nest syndrome and a love of coffee. He has been in business for 6 years where they roast their own beans, host many live events, and are a staple in the local community. He is also a graphic designer with a ton of experience in action sports and had his my own advertising agency where he was Creative Director for 8 years in the motocross industry. Joe is endorsed by Gearbox Sports who provides him with paddles, clothes, bags and eyewear.